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Cable fasteners – fasteners for cables, wires

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For quick and high-quality performance of work related to the laying of cable networks and other electrical work, you cannot do without fasteners. Such devices for laying conductors greatly simplify the work. They are widely represented on the Ukrainian market, and the cost of such products is low. 

Types of accessories for electrical installation 

Clips for corrugated pipes 

When laying a power cable, as a rule, it is placed in a special casing - a corrugated pipe. This is done in order to protect the conductive element from external influences or accidental access. For fastening such a corrugated pipe, use the appropriate fasteners - clips. 

Brackets for cable 

In the case of laying an Internet connection, telephony, etc. a single cable is not placed in protective casings but is attached directly to the wall, doorway, baseboards using brackets. This fastener element is selected depending on the diameter and shape of the cable (round or flat). 

Platforms for cable ties

Ties, or nylon clamps, allow you to quickly fasten a set of wires into a bundle. And with the help of a platform, they can be fixed anywhere on a flat surface. 

Dowel clamp 

It is used for laying conductors in an open way in Ukraine. Such a fastener element is a plastic clip with hooks. Depending on the type of wires, it can have a round or rectangular head, respectively, for a round or flat conductor. 

Dowel nail, or expansion anchor for quick installation 

Consists of a screw and a plastic case with hooks. This design is securely fixed to the substrate. It is especially convenient on porous mineral substrates such as concrete, brick, plasterboard. 

We present other consumables for electrical work.

Assortment of TM RZ fasteners 

We will sell the following products in bulk at the best price. 

  • Clips for corrugated pipes: black color, diameter 16 ... 40 mm. 
  • Cable clamps: white, diameter 4 ... 16 mm. 
  • Platforms for cable ties: white, black, size 20x20 mm. 
  • Dowel clamps: white color and black, 32 ... 58 mm long. 
  • Dowel nails: fungus and honey type, length 40..120 mm. 

To buy сable fasteners in Ukraine at a wholesale price, make a request on our website. Form for feedback here. We make fast delivery across Ukraine.

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