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Door furniture – Furniture for doors

Door furniture by ТМ RZ is a large number of different products. 

Buy door accessories with high-quality workmanship means increasing the convenience and safety of door operation. The concept of «quality» means not only the appearance but also the life of the products. This is especially important in case of intense wear and tear, which is typical for industrial, office, and commercial premises. Therefore, it is necessary to choose not only beautiful but also reliable products that will correspond to the weight of the door, the loads, as well as the functions that it must perform. 

Fire-rated door hardware RZ 

Its task is to preserve its performance in high-temperature conditions. Therefore, it is made of more durable and heat-resistant materials that do not lend themselves to fire for a long time. 

Such products are needed for fire doors. They are installed in crowded places. If they are not properly selected, then those who are in the room will be in great danger. Therefore, it is important to buy fire-fighting accessories in Ukraine from a reliable manufacturer. In Osnova-Market LLC it is 100% consistent with high standards. 

How much does the door fittings RZ cost 

The online catalog of the company Osnova-Market LLC presents wholesale high-quality door accessories in a wide price range. This allows our clients to choose models that are priced to fit their budget. We are often approached by manufacturers of doors and furniture. Thanks to wholesale prices, they minimize costs and, in turn, offer the market their quality product. 

The cost of door fittings remains affordable because we work directly with manufacturers. This avoids the additional costs associated with the involvement of multiple intermediaries. 

How to make a wholesale order of door furniture 

On our website you can buy wholesale door  furniture in Ukraine. To do this, just place an order on our website. Thanks to our impressive warehouse stocks, we can ensure any volume of deliveries. Fast delivery is carried out by a reliable courier service with the transport of the required carrying capacity, throughout Ukraine. 

We can supply on order. If you have not found the products you are interested in, you can fill out and send an application directly from the site. The application should describe in detail the characteristics of the name you require. You can also contact our manager, and he will quickly help you.

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