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Locks wholesale from the manufacturer

The market of locks in Ukraine 

With the emergence of the need for people to restrict other people's access to something, the market of locks and ironmongers originates. Therefore, the question of where to buy locks in bulk does not cease to be relevant. 

Today there are a lot of offers in our country, and therefore it is quite easy to buy a lock in Ukraine. However, it is much more important to figure out what type of lock you need, what functions and qualities it should have. 

Locks are distinguished by their area of ​​application and design features. 

Types of locks by area of ​​application 

Household locks are used in residential, commercial and public doors. In this case, wholesale sales of locks are usually of interest to door manufacturers. 

Industrial locks are installed in the doors of metal cabinets, boxes, as well as in any similar structures made of solid material. These are the following cases:

  • mailboxes,
  • plastic waste bins,
  • control cabinets,
  • lighting shields,
  • clothing cabinets,
  • fire cabinets,
  • file storage boxes,
  • archive cabinets, etc. 

You can buy locks in bulk directly from the manufacturer – in the online store of Osnova-Market LLC. We are the leader of such product groups as industrial hardware, electrical installation products, etc.

Types of locks by type of construction 

Household locks 

Structurally, the following locks are distinguished:
  • with cylinder mechanism,
  • lever,
  • hinged,
  • invoices,
  • code. 

All these locks can be bought in bulk in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odesa, Poltava, Sumy, Lviv and other cities of the country.

Locks with a cylinder mechanism are considered the most reliable since a cylinder with good security is more difficult to open with a master key and drill.

The highest quality locks are produced in Germany, Austria, Italy and Finland, in particular with cylinder mechanisms of the brand's DOM, EVVA, ABLOY, CISA. 

The lever lock is inferior in reliability since it is easy to open it with a master key, even if it is 14 lever. 

Electronic locks are gaining popularity now. Of all the variety, electronic cylinder mechanisms deserve attention, which can be used both autonomously and as part of a network of locks. 

Industrial locks 

Osnova-Market LLC offers the following types of locks: 
  • post box locks are the most budgetary segment of the market. This is the cheapest lock in Ukraine, as it can be made of plastic. It is placed on fire cabinets and boxes, letterboxes, meter boxes, lighting panels, distribution boxes, etc. They are available with normal and increased secrecy. Designed for low operating intensity. You can buy RZ postal locks in Ukraine in Kharkiv;
  • quarter-turn locks are usually completed with a butterfly or triangle sleeve. They are installed in switchboards, panels, control panels, housings of various technological equipment, in railway transport. In these locks, the emphasis is on strength, which should be sufficient for the stable operation of heavy metal doors. The edges of the deadbolt are slightly curved to allow the door to be pressed down when closing. They are also called quarter-turn locks;
  • swing handles for electrical cabinets with and without traction mechanisms. These are structurally more complex objects because they include several additional details. They are used in cases where it is necessary to meet high safety requirements and the degree of protection against external influences (moisture, dust, UV radiation). We support a full range of accessories required for such locking systems;
  • locks for metal cabinets and drawers look like zip locks. However, they are designed for tough operating conditions. They are installed in places with high traffic and high frequency of opening: in storage lockers in supermarkets, in lockers in changing rooms of swimming pools, fitness clubs, etc. They have a bolt thicker than a ziplock and a more massive weight. Most often made entirely of metal.

We also have furniture locks, electronically coded locks, latches.

The RZ logo on the key means quality at a high standard!

We support all types of industrial locks in a warehouse in large quantities, therefore it is possible to buy locks in bulk with a delivery time across  Ukraine 1-2 days.

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