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PVC insulating tape

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Insulating tape is an electrical material that is widely used both in everyday life and in construction on the Ukrainian market. Despite its simplicity and ease of use, there are still several criteria and features that you should pay attention to when choosing electrical tape. 

Types of electrical tape 

The tape is divided into types depending on the material.

  •  PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC insulating tapes are the most common and common. It is produced in various colors. Basically, the adhesive layer of the tape consists of a coating that is created from rubber or acrylic. Both materials are not harmful or toxic to the body. Thus, PVC tape is simple, safe and inexpensive. With the help of PVC insulating tape, you can achieve a high degree of insulation of wires and various conductive elements. 
  •  From cotton (cotton paper). Electrical tapes from this material have become less popular in comparison with the above, but they also have unique properties. The main advantage of this electrical tape is fast hardening when interacting with a heated surface. It also creates reliable insulation that is “head-on” for domestic use. It can be operated in the temperature range from -30 to +30 ⁰С. 

The price for both types of insulating tape is low and acceptable, so everyone can buy it in Ukraine. 

PVC insulating tape: properties, advantages and disadvantages 

These insulating materials have the following properties. 

  •  Available in various sizes. The width value can fluctuate in the range of 13-20 mm.
  •  Manufactured with a thickness of 0.13 mm or more. Moreover, the insulating properties increase with increasing thickness. 
  •  The ability to achieve record insulating performance if additional layers are wound. 
  •  Relative heat resistance - used in a very wide range of temperatures. 
  •  Combination thickness and a certain type of adhesive provide good adhesion. 
  •  Have a high strength. 
  •  Are resistant to combustion. 

The PVC material itself has excellent performance properties. It can be used for insulation, installation and other types of work in Ukraine. The surface of a metal product can be protected from corrosive processes, as well as reliably sealed. High-quality PVC tape is particularly smooth and elastic. And, accordingly, the price for such an electrical tape will be higher. 

Prepare the surface by cleaning and smoothing before application. It is highly discouraged to use PVC tapes on surfaces that contain fluorine. 

Range of RZ insulating tapes 

We offer the following products on our website for wholesale orders. 

PVC insulating tape. Width 19 mm, length 10 m. Colors: black, blue, white, yellow, red, yellow-green. 

You can buy electrical tape in Ukraine at the best price on our website. Selling wholesale. Make a request for PVC tape in the basket or call our manager. We make delivery across Ukraine from a warehouse in Kharkiv.

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