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Hand crimping tools – press pliers

Crimping tool RZ 06WF2C
Code: RZ 06WF2C
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285.84 UAH
Min.: 1
Quantity: 21
For ferrules 0.5 to 6 mm2.
285.84 UAH
Min.: 1
For ferrules 0.5 to 6 mm2.

Electrical tools make it much easier for specialists to work at different levels of complexity. They include a huge variety of different tools, which include hand crimping tools, otherwise: crimpers, press pliers. Such type of electrical supplies are widely represented on the Ukrainian market and have a relatively low cost. 

Types of crimping tools

  •  Pliers (press pliers). 
  •  Nippers and side cutters of all kinds and sizes.
  •  Electrical knives. 
  •  Stripper – a device that allows you to easily strip insulation from wires. Used for stripping wires with a diameter of 0.5 to 6 mm. This device is convenient to use in cases where you need to strip a large number of wires (in various shields, in sockets, blocks, etc.). 
  •  Various voltage indicators. An important device that allows you to determine the presence/absence of voltage. 
  •  Crimping tools. They are used for crimping wires, connectors, and various types of terminals. 
  •  Scarpe. This device is actually a chisel, but it is used in work on stone, concrete, etc., as well as where the use of a hammer drill or other electrical tools is not possible, etc.).   They can be used to measure voltage, resistance, etc. 
  •  Tweezers for precision work. There are many varieties of these tweezers (blunt, thin, insulated, pinned, etc.), so every electrician in Ukraine will be able to choose a specific product for his task. 
  •  Armature pliers and other equipment for separating wires. 

It is important to note that all such devices must have insulated handles in order to ensure safety. 

Where to buy hand crimping tools in Ukraine 

Press pliers and crimping pliers (crimpers) make it possible to easily crimp sleeves and other insulated lugs for wires with a cross-section that does not exceed 6 mm sq. It is profitable to buy this type of electrical installation equipment in bulk since its price is low. 

You can always buy universal crimping tools at the best prices on our website. You will see that we offer the most favorable terms for wholesale buyers. Come!

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