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Neutral bus bars

Neutral bus bars are an indispensable device that is necessary for connecting various grounding conductors and so-called working zeros. This design is used mainly in DC or AC networks, in which the voltage does not exceed 400 volts. 

The product is constructed with a conductive core and a plastic base that attaches to a DIN rail. A conductor contains a series of holes and bolts that are used to secure the conductors. Tires differ in body and length. Also, depending on the number of mounting holes, the price for a zero bus may be different. 

Purpose of neutral busbars

Since any highly qualified electrician knows that breaking zero is possible simultaneously with the phase-only with the help of the so-called two-pole machine, there was a need to simplify this process. So they invented the N bus bars (neutral), to which the neutral conductors coming from the loads are connected. 

These consumables for electrical work are used to solve the following problems: 

  • Creating several places at once for connecting loads from the main input. 
  • Conducting grounding with a device with a transparent cover. 
  • Improving the efficiency of various automatic protection devices. 
  • Ensuring the continuity of the circuit. 
  • Separation of zero and working type wires.

Types of neutral electrical terminals

Neutral electrical terminals differ among themselves and are characterized by the diameter of the body holes, the type of execution, the limiting value of the passable current, the type and presence of the insulator and the type of installation. All these features together affect the specific area of ​​application and the cost of neutral bus bars. 

Installation of zero buses on a DIN rail 

Installation of neutral bus bars can be performed both on a DIN rail and directly into the switchboard. There is also the possibility of installation both in an open way and in a closed one. It is better to use an open one in the case when a minimum number of persons will have access to the flap and it will be opened infrequently. The closed type of installation is suitable when third-party equipment is used to connect to certain elements or access to the dashboard by many people is possible. 

There are several universal rules that should be followed when choosing and installing neutral bus bars:

  • The cross-section of the neutral conductor must be equal to the cross-section of the phase conductor. The same rule applies to the section of the tire itself. 
  • The cross-section of the connection wires must not exceed the cross-section of the power wire at the input of the circuit. 
  • The most reliable materials are copper and brass. 
  • After installing the bus, access to the conductive elements must be closed. 

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