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Cable markers – number tag labels

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Why do we need cable markers 

In the modern world, there is a huge variety of different electrical equipment. Their work is impossible without cables, but sometimes their number is simply scary. That is why wires need accurate and informative labeling. Cable markers or tags for cable cope with this task. 

Types of tags for cable 

At the moment, there are two main types of cable marking on the Ukrainian electrical market. 

  • Self-laminating markers. This type is a strip of special film, on which there is a matte part for applying information and a transparent part with which the lamination process takes place. This type of cable marker is useful because the printed information is visible from any angle and is not scratched or smudged thanks to the laminate. 
  • Tubular markers. In most cases, this type of product is placed on the open end of the wire. Unlike the aforementioned type, such markers can be freely moved along the wire until they are fully cured. They are extremely flexible and durable, which favorably affects their durability. Tubular markers can be supplemented with any missing labeling labels. 

Industrial portable printers, automatic markers, professional semi-automatic or automatic devices, or embossing techniques can also be used to mark cables. This technique is widespread in Ukraine.

Criteria for Selecting Cable Markings 

To simplify the selection of the correct product, consider the following criteria: 

  • When will the markings be installed (before or after wiring). If the installation of the marking is planned for already finished wiring, it is necessary to use adhesive (self-laminating) marking. Otherwise, any will do. 
  • The thickness of the designated cable. 
  • Terms of use of the tag. It is necessary to take into account the possible toxicity of the environment, instability of the climatic regime, etc. 
  • The number of symbols on the tag and the method of their application. You can purchase cable markers with pre-printed information, or you can print them yourself. However, in the latter case, the type of printer that will print the marking (matrix, inkjet, laser) plays a role. 

You can easily buy cable markers in Ukraine in our online catalog. It is enough to make a request on the website or call the managers. We offer the best prices to wholesale buyers. We make delivery from Kharkiv all over Ukraine.

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