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Power busbar insulators

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Electrical insulators are devices that are used for fastening various wires, cables, etc. On the Ukrainian market, there are electrical insulators of various types made from various materials (porcelain, glass, polymers). 

On our website for wholesale orders are presented plastic busbar insulators with screws, in the shape of a barrel. They are made of a non-combustible polymer that is resistant to mechanical stress. They are used in the installation and repair of various cabinets and control panels, server rooms, high-voltage, etc. Designed for networks up to 1000 V. 

Purpose of electrical insulators

The main task of this type of electrotechnical products is to reliably isolate the conductor from the supporting structure itself. The distance from the product to the mounting plate must be such that an electric arc does not occur. 

SM insulators power barrels have the following characteristics: 

  •  Physical dimensions (mm). 
  •  Breakdown voltage (kV). 
  •  Ultimate strength (kg).
  •  Ultimate pressure (kgf / cm2). 
  •  Size of screw connection (M no.). 

Assortment of RZ support insulators with bolts 

The following products are presented in our catalog. 

Keg shape. Dimensions: height – 20… 76 mm, equatorial diameter – 5… 15 mm. The color is red. The body is a fire-resistant polymer. Breakdown voltage from 5 to 25 kV. Ultimate strength from 136 to 680 kg. For screw M5-M10. Fastened to one bus. 

It is very easy to buy wholesale insulators in Ukraine. Please contact our online store. We have these products at the best prices, always in stock.

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