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Industrial hardware – hardware for industrial furniture, equipment

Industrial hardware is structural elements that are used in the production and assembly of industrial metal furniture, such as cabinets, cupboards, drawers, boxes, panels, equipment, power generators, doors, safes, etc. 

What are the hardware for industrial furniture and equipment

According to the place of application

Hardware can be divided into external and internal. 

So, for a metal cabinet:

  • external hardware are handles, nameplates, a pocket for documents, eye bolts, adjustable legs;
  • internal hardware is hinges for doors, lock, invoice seal, self-adhesive seal, all kinds of hardware that fix the internal elements. 

According to the degree of influence

Hardware for industrial equipment are divided into main and secondary.

  • the main one has a direct impact on the quality characteristics of the product,
  • secondary one includes less important elements without which the product can in principle function.

For an electric cabinet, the main hardware is a lock, hinges, handles. 

So, one of the defining indicators of the quality of the cabinet is its degree of protection. In turn, it depends on the degree of protection of the castle. Those, if the cabinet must have an IP54 class, but we install an IP21 lock as a cheaper option, then the entire cabinet will receive IP21 protection. As a result, it will lose market value and attractiveness. 

Loops are just as important. If the door weighs 40 kg, then it is necessary to install such hinges that can withstand this weight. For example, two hinges with a load of up to 20 kg each or three hinges with a load of 15 kg each. If you install cheaper counterparts, without taking into account the permissible weight, the product as a whole, and not just the door, will quickly fail.

The secondary elements include nameplates, a pocket, legs. 

Osnova-Market LLC is a leading operator of the market of industrial hardware for electrical cabinets in Ukraine. We have been on the market for over 10 years. We thoroughly understand the nomenclature and problems of our clients. We will help you make the right choice of the products you need. 

Direct supplies of industrial hardware  from the manufacturer 

It is extremely important for a manufacturing enterprise to cooperate with the right suppliers. It is necessary to purchase components at a profit in order for the products to be competitive. 

From this point of view, representatives of expensive European brands are not the most convenient suppliers. They ship high-quality industrial fittings, but at high prices. 

Therefore, enterprises prefer to work directly with manufacturers of industrial furniture. 

Where is it profitable to buy wholesale industrial hardware in Ukraine 

In recent years, the approach has been widespread, when the production of goods is outsourced. This presupposes quality control and the ability to produce goods under your own brand or under the customer's brand. 

Osnova-Market works exactly according to this principle. Products under the RZ brand are produced for us at factories in Europe and Southeast Asia, including Turkey, Poland, and China. We carefully select production facilities and monitor the entire production process. We place orders in the same place where European brands well-known on the domestic market produce their products.

We carry out sales at the best prices in Ukraine! If you have a need for such products, you have doubts about the correct choice – please contact us! We will advise you for free and select exactly what you need.

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