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Automotive van – truck – trailer – semi-trailer body fittings – auto parts

A key element in ensuring the functionality and safety of your lorry is the application of specific van body fittings. We offer a wide range of quality accessories specially designed for cargo vans, trailers, semi-trailers with gates, as well as for isothermal and special purpose vehicles (containers, refrigerators). 

What are the types of van body fittings

There is a variety of fittings for vans, trailers, semi-trailers and lorries designed to ensure their functionality, reliability and safety. Here are the main types of such ones:

  • Flatbed – this includes overhead and mortise flatbed locks, flatbed hinges, posts.
  • Awning – it includes awning fabric, rollers of the side sliding roof of the awning and side curtain, hinges and carriages of the sliding roof, hooks, ropes. expanders, ends. 
  • Container – fittings, welded hinges, brackets. 
  • Fastening – it includes load securing elements, such as bars, brackets, straps, rails, hooks. And also elements of body fixation, such as brackets, holders, balls. 
  • Aluminium profiles for boards.
  • Electrical fittings – include lighting, signalling devices and other elements ensuring electrical safety during vehicle operation.  

Materials for the manufacture of auto parts

Our van hardware components come in two key materials: galvanised (zink plated) steel and stainless steel. Products made of these materials ensure a long service life for each part. Special attention is paid to the quality of the galvanisation in production to ensure a high degree of durability and longevity.

For those who looking for more durable solutions, our experts recommend stainless steel components. Why? These products are the ideal choice for cargo vans subjected to high and prolonged use in unfavourable conditions. Hinges and locks made of this material provide high resistance to environmental influences and road dust, as well as being protected against temperature fluctuations and vibrations caused by poor quality road surfaces.

What range of fittings for trailers and semi-trailers is presented on the website of RZ trade mark

On our website you can find the following products. 

  • Locking systems for rear doors of cargo trailer, semi-trailer gates. These include bar (gear) locks  of the van, designed for pipe diameter from 16 to 34 mm. They are made of galvanised or stainless steel. 
  • Steel hinges – long, medium, small, reinforced, for increased loads, welded type, sheet, overhead. 
  • Seals for doors and windows of lorries and other vehicles made of PVC or artificial rubber, of various configurations. 

Why it is favourable to buy van body fittings wholesale in the online store RZ-market

Advantages of working with us:

  1. high quality products;
  2. deliveries from verified suppliers in Turkey, China; 
  3. deliveries under individual order (choice on our site and catalogues);
  4. competitive prices. 

Buying our products, you get reliable and durable solutions that meet the high standards of the automotive industry. You can buy accessories, or auto parts, for vans, trailers, semi-trailers, trucks wholesale in Europe. To do this, just make an application on the site, our manager will contact you to discuss the terms of delivery.   

Choose quality for safety and efficiency of your fleet – choose our car fittings!

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