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Mechanical safe locks – locks for safes

Safe lock red RZ 218A
Code: RZ L218A
In Stock
364.80 UAH
Min.: 1
Overhead lever-type lock. 2 Keys.
364.80 UAH
Min.: 1
Overhead lever-type lock. 2 Keys.
Safe lock RZ L07-90-2T
Code: RZ L07-90-2T
In Stock
430.80 UAH
Min.: 1
Lever lock. For the office, hotel and personal safes.
430.80 UAH
Min.: 1
Lever lock. For the office, hotel and personal safes.

In our online store there are mechanical overhead safe locks. They are installed in safes, which are located:

  • in the accounting department;
  • hotel rooms; 
  • restaurants; 
  • offices; 
  • apartments or private households.

In addition, such locks are installed in vending equipment and other structures that require a high level of protection.

Сharacteristics of safe locks 

Two are of increased importance:

1. Secrecy

It is determined by the number of combinations of levers or other elements in the mechanism. It depends on her how many keys the lock will have. The safe locking mechanism can have a security level of 500-600 and more than 30,000,000. The choice depends on what content will be stored in the safe.

2. Burglary resistance

It determines how long the mechanism will resist a burglary by using a variety of tools. For example, grinders. Usually, this indicator is influenced by the thickness of the crossbars and the material of the lock. The stronger the material and the thicker the crossbar, the longer it will take to open the safe.

Assortment of locks for safes

Osnova Market LLC supplies industrial hardware to Ukraine directly from manufacturers. Each lock for a safe, presented in our catalog, corresponds to the declared characteristics and has excellent quality. We do not cooperate with intermediaries, so we are sure of this.

In the most affordable price category, there are TM RZ products. We offer the L218A lock model with an armored plate and two thick cylindrical crossbars. Its secrecy is about 500 combinations. This is the optimal solution for small safes.

Another equally popular model for 10,000 secrets is the L7 lever lock for 7 levers.

It should be borne in mind that the products presented in our online catalog are only a small part of the range. It is constantly expanding. There are models that are supplied only to order.

If the name you need is not available on our website, please contact the managers. You can also consult for free if you do not know exactly which product will effectively perform the task.

Reliable RZ safe locks wholesale in Ukraine

Our customers are large companies and small manufactures. We cooperate with many of them on an ongoing basis. To ensure everyone gets what they need quickly, our stock is constantly replenished.

Delivery of products to the customer is carried out by reliable shipping companies. But you have the right to choose the courier service that suits you best. Customers from Kharkiv can pick up their orders on their own.

To buy safe locks at the best price in Ukraine, contact the TM RZ online store. We carry out sales in bulk, by bank transfer with VAT.

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