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Industrial hinges – hinges for industrial equipment and furniture

Industrial hinges presented on our website are classified as hardware for industrial equipment and furniture. Their purpose is to ensure efficient and comfortable use of the furniture or structural elements on which they are installed. Therefore, buying hinges in bulk in Ukraine is an important task for supply departments of industrial enterprises, furniture companies and door manufacturers. 

Assortment of industrial hinges hardware 

Hinges for metal cabinets and drawers are installed on such items as switchboard equipment, lighting panels, control cabinets, metal furniture, wardrobes, lockers, high-voltage cameras, safes. Each product needs its own type of hinges, so the assortment we have presented is quite wide: 

Features of different types of industrial hinges 

The assortment is divided into different types of hinges, which depend on the configuration and dimensions of the product. Thus, the following types of hinges are usually used in small-sized metal boxes and shields. 

  •  A spring-loaded hinge, its modified version in a plastic case, is always available at Osnova-Market warehouse. This is one of the most budget-friendly awnings. To reduce the cost of construction, it is placed only in the upper part of the door, the lower part is fixed with a countertop. 
  •  A hinge for welding – a pin, or a rod, serves as the base of the hinge, connects the welded part, which is welded to the cabinet door, with the fixing part which is bolted to the body. Such hinges have varieties depending on the opening angle of the door and the material.
  •  Piano hinge with a center pin and two equal blades. One of them is attached to the cabinet, and the other to the door. The piano loop is called because it was in this musical instrument that it first began to be used. 
  •  Leaf hinge – pin in the middle and two flat parts on the sides. These hinges are attached to the outside of the cabinet. Therefore, they are made from materials that are more resistant to external influences than internal hinges. 

Where to buy hinges for electrical cabinets in Ukraine in bulk 

When producing or assembling industrial furniture and equipment, manufacturers are constantly faced with this question. At the same time, many turn to representatives of European and American brands of accessories, thereby increasing the price of their products but having a quality solution to their issue. There is also the second part of manufacturers, which develops their own versions of awnings, saving on the purchase of hinges for industrial furniture. 

All of these awnings can be bought in bulk in Kharkiv in our warehouse. The company Osnova-market LLC maintains a range of hinges that meets the needs of all groups of customers and offers quality solutions at the best prices.

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