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Door seal – sealing strip for metal cabinets

In the company Osnova-Market you can order a door seal for metal cabinets, metering boards, electrical panels, glass, high and low voltage equipment, machine tools, etc. It is made of EPDM, PVC and other materials. 

Why do you need a door seal 

It can be used to: 

  •  Seal gaps. 
  •  Protect metal and glass elements of doors from damage when closed.
  •  Get rid of drafts. 
  •  Provide fire safety. 
  •  Provide heat and sound insulation. 

To get the best effect, you can use two or more sealing contours. 

Why rubber seals are bought at Osnova-Market LLC

  •  We have different profile options. This means that you will surely find what you need. 
  •  We work directly with hardware manufacturers. We have the best wholesale prices. 
  •   All items are always available in sufficient quantity. 

Assortment of RZ rubber bands and strips 

Our catalog contains products in the most common versions in Ukraine. 

  •  Consignment seal. Installed with fasteners or in special grooves. Differs in ease of maintenance. The worn-out product can be easily replaced if necessary. Reinforced. Has different configurations. 
  •  Self-adhesive tape. Installed with adhesive joints. After dismantling the product, the surface remains intact. 
  •  Edge protection. Such seals do not have a cord core. Easy to slide over the edge of sheet material and hold securely thanks to its design. Glass models are available with two grooves on opposite sides.

In our catalog you can buy door seals made of materials with high elasticity, resistance to abrasion, ultraviolet radiation and other negative environmental factors. Therefore, they will last a long time. 

How to order goods at wholesale prices 

To buy a door seal in Ukraine at the best price, fill out an application in the cart or contact the manager. 

Payment by bank transfer. 

The goods can be picked up from the warehouse in Kharkiv. If you need delivery in Ukraine, your order will be delivered by a reliable courier service.

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