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Cable glands – plastic entry cable glands

Cable glands (also known as entry cable glands) are devices that are used for the purpose of compacting all kinds of cables when installing electrical wiring. In addition, with their help, wires are introduced when assembling electrical devices, as well as when piping. 

By application, cable glands are divided into: 

  •  explosion-proof – such glands are used to protect against the external environment, which can potentially contain flammable mixtures and explosive gases due to possible sparks, interruptions, short circuits during equipment operation, as well as for fixing and grounding wires; 
  •  for general industrial purposes – serve to provide mechanical protection of cables, prevent the ingress of dust, debris and moisture in the sheath of electrical devices. 

According to the thread standard, sealed glands are divided into the following types: 

  •  M – metric (mm), 
  •  PG – in inches, 
  •  NTP – pipe. 

By materials:

These products of electrical hardware are made of plastic (nylon, polypropylene) or metal. 

Construction and properties of sealed glands 

The back of the gland «skirt» with thread must be inserted into a hole in the surface itself. And the direct dimensions of the «skirt» (that is, the length and diameter) are of great importance in determining the required size of the hole. Sealed glands are applicable to cables with diameters ranging from 3 mm to 50 m. Such a wide range of cable sizes makes cable glands a very versatile device. 

At the moment, the most common in Ukraine are nylon and plastic PG sealed glands. Their main advantage is their low price, and therefore, an unhindered opportunity to buy oil seals in bulk. The disadvantages include fragility (they often break during installation) and short-term operation when installed outdoors (they have mediocre resistance to sunlight since nylon is not resistant to ultraviolet radiation). 

In addition, metal, in particular cable hull fitting. Their advantages include increased strength; high IP degree (up to 68); the possibility of safe use on the street; the ability to organize grounding and use in fire hazardous places. 

The range of glands in the online store RZ-market

The Osnova-Market company presents RZ branded glands with a high degree of protection, made of plastic, of the following types:

Basic parameters to select the gland RZ 

The main parameters by which the selection of the gland should be carried out are: 

  •  the diameter of the cable on which the gland will be installed in the future; 
  •  the dimensions of the thread of the gland itself;
  • operating conditions - maximum temperature of use, presence of dust, moisture. This will determine the choice of a product according to the degree of IP protection. 

How to place a wholesale order for glands 

You can buy cable glands in Ukraine marked PG, MG, M in our online store. Make an application through the basket or call our managers. 

We will offer the best wholesale price as we receive products directly from the manufacturer. 

We deliver from a warehouse in Kharkiv throughout Ukraine.

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