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Terminals for wires, cables

Terminals for wires are small mounting devices that make it much easier to connect wires between themselves and with various electrical engineering. Their main task is to make electrical work safe and reliable. 

There are many types of similar products on the Ukrainian market. 

Assortment of RZ terminals for wires 

Osnova-market LLC offers in Ukraine electrical hardware that are most often used for the assembly and operation of cabinets and boxes for assembly, control, telecommunication, server rooms, etc. electrical equipment. 


  • WAGO type terminals ; 
  • JXB through terminals, 
  • EK earthing terminals. 

WAGO type terminals for wires

Push-in terminal blocks used to connect conductors of different diameters. They are called quick-connect terminals because when using them, there is no need for any additional tool. 

JXB feed-through terminals 

JXB feed through terminal blocks is specialized terminal blocks that are designed for voltages up to 750 V. They are installed on a DIN rail in electrical panels, cabinets for the purpose of safe installation of conductors of different diameters. Fixed with bolts. 

Products for flexible and rigid wires are presented on our site. Designed for cross-sections from 0.2 to 35 mm2. Rated current from 25 to 125 A.

EK ground terminals for wires

The peculiarity of EK ground circuit terminal blocks is that no lugs are needed at the ends of the wires to be connected. Those. thus, wiring is accelerated. In this design, release levers or springs are provided that securely hold the ends of the wires in a predetermined position. If it is necessary to work with powerful consumers, screw clamps are used as connection nodes. 

Our assortment includes grounding terminal blocks EK for conductors with a cross-section of 2.5 to 35 mm2. Rated current from 25 to 125 A. 

It is very easy to buy wholesale terminals for wires in Ukraine. You just need to make an application yourself or contact the manager, he will contact you to clarify the details. Our wholesale prices are very favorable since we receive the goods directly from the manufacturer. We work without intermediaries. Come on in! Order!

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