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Electrical hardware – electrical supplies – for electrical installation work

On our site you can find electrical hardware for metal industrial cabinets. These are various kinds of devices that are used in the assembly or repair of control cabinets, telecommunications, servers, technological equipment. It must have a high degree of reliability and quality. 

Electrical hardware is used primarily in order to facilitate and secure the work process for employees. 

Depending on the material, purpose and place of use, electrical hardware can be bought in various types. 

Types of RZ mounting hardware for electrical cabinets 

There are quite a few items in our catalog: 

Types of wiring products 

Depending on the purpose, the types of products for wiring may be different. 

So, WAGO-type connection terminals can be 2, 3 or more conductors. 

Insulated terminals for wires can have different configurations of the uninsulated part: plug, ring, sleeve (tube). 

Rocker switches can be narrow or wide, have a round or rectangular shape, connect via 2 or 3 pins, etc.

Busbar connection can be of comb or fork types - etc. 

All specified electrical hardware must be made of materials that comply with GOSTs and technical requirements. Because the safety of the facilities where it is installed depends on its quality. 

It is much more profitable for large construction and industrial companies to buy products for electrical installation in bulk. By making purchases in this way, the customer receives significant cost savings. 

The price of electrical installation products in Ukraine varies quite a lot. It depends on the type of a particular item. So, our packing (100 pcs.) Of insulated tips will cost from 10 to 30 UAH, and a connecting bus - up to 300 UAH. for 1 m. 

If you are looking for where to buy electrical hardware products in Ukraine in bulk at the best price, you can order them at Osnova-Market LLC. We purchase directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, we can offer the most favorable wholesale price and products in stock. We will deliver all over Ukraine.

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