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Insulated cable terminals – lugs – ends for cables

Cable terminals, or lugs, are products related to electrical hardware. They are used for terminating and connecting solid and multicore cables and wires. To fix them, a crimping or crimping tool is used, as well as a soldering or welding method, depending on the size of the cables and the product itself. 

The main purpose of these products is to provide strong, reliable, safe contact between conductors. 

There are various types of these products on the Ukrainian market, including insulated and non-insulated. 

Osnova-Market LLC offers insulated cable terminals. 

Insulated terminals: types 

They are divided into the following main types: 


  • Round connectors. Complete isolation applies exclusively to mothers; while "dad" is released only in incomplete isolation. This kind of insulation is made from PVC. 
  • The connectors are flat. Nylon connectors are manufactured in 100% isolation. 

The main element of such connectors is a copper sleeve. The sleeve is put on the wire and, using a crimping tool, it is transformed into a "sheath". Thus, the wire turns into a single-core. 

In Ukraine, connectors of various types can be bought on our website at the best price. 

By application 

  • Ring insulated terminals RV. Used to connect cables to bolts. 
  • Fork insulated terminals SV. Used to attach to screws and various other fixtures. 
  • TE type double cord end insulated terminals. The contact part of such tips is a rectangular area. Used for two conductors. It can also be operated to connect to a variety of clamping devices. 
  • E type insulated terminals. Their design has a contact part that resembles a tube. It is used to connect cables to those devices that contain small holes. 

By material 

On the Ukrainian market, there are connectors made of copper, copper-plated metals, aluminum. The choice of material for this product must match the material of the core to avoid oxidation of the conductors. 

Assortment of RZ insulated terminals

In our online catalog, you will find insulated copper lugs. The contact parts are made of copper or copper-plated metals, the skirt is made of PVC. More specifically, these are the following connectors: 

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