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Rod latch systems

The use of tall cabinets and doors with multiple locking points will be facilitated by the rotary handles. They are equipped with a special machine with a main and two additional bolts. Thanks to this, a more reliable fixing of the door are achieved without a significant increase in the cost of the structure. 

Swinghandles: price and mechanism 

These items are affordable because they are made of polyamide or plastic. Only the mechanism and crossbars are made of metal. 

The swinghandles has a keyhole. To open it, you need to: 

Turn the key. He will release the handle. 

Rotate the handle 90 °. It will move the crossbars. 

The handle of such a lock is quite strong and massive. This is necessary so that it can withstand the load that occurs when you need to move three crossbars at once, two of which are long. 

The swinghandles have a long service life. They are cheaper than more complex locks with a similar level of security. Therefore, ordering handle locks for electrical and other cabinets in bulk is beneficial for large-scale production of industrial furniture, modular, telecommunication cabinets, switchboard equipment, as well as protective boxes for server racks. 

We offer swinghandles themselves, so as components for them.

Types of products 

There are many similar products on the market. But the most widespread are two types:

  • With a gear mechanism for flat rods. Turning the handle sets it in motion. In this case, the rods are displaced along one axis. This allows the swivel handle to be installed as compactly as possible.
  • No mechanism. The rods are moved by turning the bar to which they are attached at different ends. Therefore, the displacement occurs along several axes.

Rotary gear handles are more compact. Those without a mechanism have a more affordable cost due to the simplicity of the design. But with intensive use, they can wear out faster. 

Where to buy good quality swinghandles in Ukraine 

If you periodically have this question, we suggest ordering these products from us. We will give you an offer on very favorable terms. 

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