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Rod latch systems – locks for telecommunications, server cabinets

The operation of tall enclosures and doors with multiple locking points will be facilitated by rod latch systems  for electrical cabinets with swinghandles. They can be equipped with a special mechanism and pull rods of different configurations. 

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Types of rod latch systems

The most widespread are two types:

  • With a gear mechanism for flat rods. Turning the handle sets it in motion. In this case, the rods are displaced along one axis. This allows the swivel handle to be installed as compactly as possible.
  • No mechanism. The rods are moved by turning the bar to which they are attached at different ends. Therefore, the displacement occurs along several axes.

Rotary gear handles are more compact. Those without a mechanism have a more affordable cost due to the simplicity of the design. But with intensive use, they can wear out faster.

Advantages of handle locks for electrical cabinets

  • Simple, reliable handle lift/ turn system.
  • Provides a secure hold on the door. 
  • Excellent protection of enclosure contents against dust and moisture. 
  • Various solutions (handles, keys, materials, tabs) available according to requirements. 
  • Possibility of remote control of door opening/closing. 
  • Compatible with contemporary requirements of ergonomics and design.
  • Standardised dimensions for easy fitting and replacement.
  • Suitable for single-point, two-point and three-point locking systems.   

We offer swinghandles themselves, so as components for them.

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