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  • Sleeves NShVI RZ E6010

Sleeves NShVI RZ E6010

Product code: RZ E6010
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Manufacturer RZ
Country of manufacture China
Cross-section of wires 6.0 mm2 (#10)
Terminal material Tinned copper
Insulation material PVC
Insulation color Green

Sleeves NShVI RZ E6010 are elements of electrical installation products for connecting cables and wires.

A feature of the products is the presence of an insulating cuff.

In our online catalog, you can buy cable terminals of different sizes.

Purpose of ferrules for wires

Termination of stranded copper conductors by crimping. In this case, the ends of the conductors take the form of a homogeneous pin. The vein starts from the side of the pin.

Application of pin lugs

  • Electrical work for domestic or industrial purposes.
  • Laying copper-stranded conductors.

Characteristics RZ E6010

Pin material: copper.

Coating: electrolytic tinning.

Flange material: PVC.

Cable size: 6.0 mm2 (#10).

Dimensions according to the drawing (in mm):

F (mm): 16.0;

L (mm): 18.0;

W (mm): 6.3;

B (mm): 8.0;

D (mm): 3.9;

C(mm): 3.5.

Color: green.

Advantages of sleeves NShVI RZ E6010

  1. Protection against mechanical damage.
  2. Corrosion protection due to electroplating. Possibility of application in the conditions of humidity.
  3. Identification of the size of the conductors due to the color marking of the flange.
  4. Ensuring the isolation circuit is complete.


Products are packaged in a transparent PE package of 100 pcs.

If you need to buy NShVI RZ E6010 sleeves at the best wholesale price, place an order through the Basket in the Osnova-Market online store. Our managers will help you choose the right product depending on your specific requirements. We will deliver the order in Ukraine to the cities: Yuzhnoukrainsk, Odesa, Novoarkhangelsk, Dnipro, Bogodukhov, Sumy, Orzhitsa, Pochaev, Mariupol, Vladimir, Zaporizhzhia, Kovel, Kyiv, Emilchino, Mukachevo, Zhytomyr, Radekhov, Izyaslav.

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Sleeves NShVI RZ E6010
Sleeves NShVI RZ E6010
0.37 UAH
Minimal order quantity 100 pcs
In Stock